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The Positive Effects of Acupuncture on Challenging Health Conditions 


This patient is on a regular program of acupuncture treatment at AcuSpa clinic for sciatica. Sciatica refers to the pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve. 


In this video, the patient tells of her experience of acupuncture and the positive impact it has had on her well being.


Prior to this week's session, the patient complained of stomach pains and blood in her faeces. Dr. Phoebe, through using traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, was able to successfully treat the conditions along with the sciatica. 


The patient goes on to explain how acupuncture helps her to resume her normal daily activities after each session of acupuncture for her sciatica and  fibromyalgia which she also suffers from. 


This patient provides a case of how complex and multiple heath conditions can be treated by traditional Chinese acupuncture.


The patient further explains that she has previously undergone three separate operations for her sciatica which unfortunately have not helped her.


She is now solely reliant on acupuncture for her sciatica after ceasing the use of oral medication (opioids) in 2018. 


She continues to be treated at AcuSpa.

Positive Effects of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture on Eczema

Dr. Phoebe was recently visited by a patient who has endured the symptoms of eczema throughout the 27 years of her life.  Eczema is a skin condition. Symptoms have included itchy, dry and red skin. The patient describes that her symptoms are exasperated  when she becomes stressed and nervous.


In the three videos, the patient describes her condition prior to and after one single session of traditional Chinese acupuncture.  The patient further explains that she has tried a number of remedies which have failed.  


The patient is pleased with the results and we hope all our followers continue to be encouraged by the efficacy of traditional Chinese acupuncture.  

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C-Sections in the eyes of Chinese medical theory.  The subject was highlighted in Dr. Phoebe's Blog in Feb, 2019.


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